Sunday, July 26, 2009

My First Boxer Puppy

Since my birth, I have been a dog person. I have no problem with cats, but there is just something about dogs that i like more. I never got to name any of them or train them. It was usually my brother who got to do all those things because he was older and my parents thought because of that, he would be more responsible than me.

When i got my own place, I began looking for a dog for myself. I have visited many dog shelters to find my own dog but had no luck because I was looking for a puppy but most of the dogs there were old dogs. Then one day, I recevied a phone call from one of the shelters that I have visited telling me that there is a boxer puppy asking me if i was intrested in her. I told them that I woucl drive down there and take a look.

The next day, I drove down there and picked up my very first boxer puppy girl. I named her Julie. After I took her back home, I drove down to the pet store and bought all the supplies and all the toys for my new pet dog. Katie was a little trouble maker at first so i knew that I had to train her as soon as possible or she would chew down the whole house!

Her being my first puppy, I was a bit scared about the dog training because I was unsure of what to do. Thank god for the internet though. There are so many articles on dog training and how to do it. First couple of days I have just spent reading articles about training and what do. After reading all those articles, I applied my newly accuired knowledge into giving Julie proper puppy training. She was a bit stubborn at first, but after a little while she became to listen to me and the training went smoothly on from that point and on. Julie is a great dog and I love her dearly.

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